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24 Original DIY wall shelves ideas

by Eva

Original DIY wall shelves ideas

Finding storage space is one of the main tasks that people face while thinking about a design, and after it, too. Sometimes even in a large room it would be inappropriate to look like another bulky closet, but what if you need to place a collection of figures or a dozen books?

Wall shelves, although in themselves are a variety, but also differ in location. Conventionally, they are divided into many types: But what we talk here today is clever DIY ideas that you can make by yourself.

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The easiest and most common option, which is attached to a flat wall. But precisely because of their simplicity, they provide a wide field for the flight of fantasy: shelves of various geometric shapes, sizes, arranged in the form of honeycombs or creating complex compositions.
Such structures can become a single board nailed to the wall, or make up the silhouette of a tree, in which each “branch” serves as a storage place. Bookshelves are tilted or asymmetrical. In the ocean of interesting ideas there are even round ones, only in the case of unusual figures it is necessary to think out every moment in advance: location, filling, points of support.

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A place that is usually empty because of its impracticality, but the corner shelves not only rehabilitate the space, but also help to transform the interior. Fastening is made on two adjacent adjacent walls. In this case, not only the inner corner, but also the outer corner can be involved.
The variability of the design of the corner wall shelves depends more on the materials and decor, but even in itself this solution looks unusual. Most often the shelves are used for books or household items in the bathroom, as well as in the pantry rooms.

As the name implies, these shelves are not fastened directly to the wall, but are suspended from ropes – to the ceiling or beam. This design is not very stable, so it is used to store books, and not crystal vases. But to create original accents in the room fits perfectly.
Can be installed as one shelf, and several. The first option is often created in the form of a triangle or enter a shelf in a circle. The main thing is to make sure the storage is reliable.

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We have for you in following images many great ideas so you will get the inspiration to make the one you like more.

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