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Furniture pieces you can make from pallets

by Decorator

If it happens that you have pallets or even pieces of them keep them because you can make some do it yourself furniture pieces easily and almost without spending anything. So in following article we will show you some ways you can do that with ideas we found in our internet searches. Enjoy the pictures and we hope you will find something which will be to your taste.

Pallet dining table: Here is an idea to transform pallets into a dining table. You can download from here the PDF instructions.

Indoor and outdoor coffee table

Full tutorial instructions found on joyeverafter

Insstructions found on sewhomegrown

found on espritcabane

found on stylizimo

found on jennyshus

found on recyclart

found on cuartoderecha

found on recyclart

found on ikeahackers

found on shoestringpavilion

found on ashleyannphotography and norskeinteriorblogger

found on etsy

found on kojodesigns

found on lifeonthebalcony

Images above via: homedit.com

diy elastic coffee table

Diy palets ideas coffee table

Diy palets ideas

Diy palets ideas-coffee tableLast 4 images are from blogs friends crafts

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