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Pallet garden furniture – an eco-friendly and affordable solution with many variations

by Eva

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Used in the transportation and handling industry, pallets have become very popular as a key component of interior and exterior design. And as the advancement of design has introduced an infinite variety of pallets on the market, diverting them into furniture and decorative objects is simpler than ever. Whether you’re curious or ready to start making your first piece of furniture in a palette, the following picture gallery promises to be a source of inspiration for you. And, if you’re tired of all the time falling on the same ideas, again and again, here will present you the best in twenty photos, dedicated to the garden furniture palette.

Pallet wooden planter ideas : 34 models to do yourself

Appearances in the thirties, in the United States, for handling, pallets have been used in France since the fifties. The pallets, which have a solid wood or slatted surface, allow to be stacked vertically, so they are ideal for transporting heavy furniture, loading and unloading. Fixed in the fifties, the standardized format of a European pallet is 120/80 cm. The Europe pallet therefore has five planks on top and, in total, eleven boards recoverable after dismantling.

Eco-friendly material par excellence, wooden pallets are perfect for creating decorative furniture or accessories, combining both vintage charm and contemporary elegance. Very economical, the pallets have a wide variety of formats and meet varying requirements in terms of quality and strength. Totally recyclable, thermally treated HT pallets reduce the health risks associated with chemicals. If it is, on the contrary, a pallet marked MB, it is strongly recommended not to use it, as it will pollute the atmosphere of the dwelling.

Cheap Garden Furniture – 20 Furniture Ideas Made with Pallets

The pallets can be repainted, varnished or oiled according to the desired effect. Depending on your wishes, you can use the entire pallet or only certain boards. It must therefore be dismantled beforehand or cut. These pallets have been used in recent years for the manufacture of all types of furniture for indoor and outdoor use. They are highly appreciated for their versatility in terms of style and functionality. The list is long and it is the imagination that is the only limit.

Check our ideas for today and start your own great project for your garden.

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Pallet garden furniture3

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Pallet garden furniture6

Pallet garden furniture7

Pallet garden furniture8

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salon de jardin en palettes guide astuces Deco Salon De Jardin - Diyroomdecorideas.net

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