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Country style decoration ideas

by Decorator

The  name itself refers obviously to style inspired by nature and life in it.
Whichever you choose  the French, that of the British countryside, the corresponding Scandinavian known as Swedish country or the purely American, it is absolutely the cottage style, a style characterized by elegance and great attention to detail. It is addressed primarily to  residences in the countryside, and you would hardly be able to incorporate these details, referred to the authentic country style, to  your modern apartment in the city.
In large non-urban parts of Europe and in most towns and villages of America, with slight or greater variations,it is the most popular decorative style but mainly for functionality reasons and after that for aesthetics.

Characteristic of this style of decoration  is basically white and generally all off-white tones, the half damaged furniture and the aged decorative elements, , old style wooden floors, bright, floral fabrics and pastel colors on the walls and surfaces, wood-colored, wooden roof investment walls, all together create spaces bright, earthy, relaxing, romantic and calm, places where you can relax, listen to nature and the surrounding environment.So in this post we have collect for you images tha we hope will give you some inspiration for this decoration style.

Images via: homeanddecor.net, countryliving

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