Home Decoration ideas How to create a beautiful country – farmhouse style decoration – 25 amazing inspirational ideas

How to create a beautiful country – farmhouse style decoration – 25 amazing inspirational ideas

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How to create a beautiful country – farmhouse style decoration – 25 amazing inspirational ideas

The cottage is becoming more and more perceived by everyone not only as a place of quick rest, but also as a complete residence for the summer months. Being as far away from the hustle and bustle of the city as possible, in the fresh air, between the green and the flowers – that’s why we go to the countryside. For quality holidays, of course, the interior of the country house should be comfortable.

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But to make expensive repairs and buy new furniture for the cottage is unprofitable. However, this is not necessary, because you can create comfort, warmth and relaxed atmosphere in the cottage without much expense. Today we have collected great ideas from warm interior photos for your inspiration.

How to make a country – farmhouse home comfortable?

Extras are the main problem of an indoor space. I’m sure everyone heard the phrase “let’s take it to the village or the cottage”. This is especially true for almost all things in the house that you no longer need. A few things can really come in handy in a holiday home. But, you agree, often many of them do not even have a place there and the cottage becomes a regular warehouse.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do in a holiday home is to create comfort in it, clean the space and leave only what you really need. And second – always think carefully before bringing something to the cottage from the city. Sometimes it is better to give it to someone who really needs it, use it as a material (for example, disassemble the furniture and use it as planks) or just throw it away.

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Background. It is better to prefer natural calm tones on the walls and add bright spots to them. The easiest way is to decorate white or light colored walls. Do not worry, even if it is not perfect, in the cottage it is quite acceptable.

Furniture and fabrics. Particular attention in the cottage should be given to the fabrics, which make the space truly home. Soft blankets, cute tablecloths, cute curtains, interesting decorative pillows… And your interior will become recognizable. The furniture can be left with the traces of time or can be painted even in very unexpected colors (for example, a bright pink chest of drawers), the interior of the cottage allows bold experimentation.

Decor. It may not be the most anticipated solution, but an interesting decor combined with even lousy furniture can turn the interior of a country house into an elegant one. If choosing a decor for an apartment is quite responsible and expensive, then for the country you can relax and easily choose what you want and not think about the perfect combination. Particularly interesting will look at the cottage vintage and antique items, as well as paintings and crafts. They can be found at resale sites, flea markets, second-hand shops, local craftsmen or regular shops.

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Light. Interior lighting is very important. If we are talking about cottages, it is better to make the light soft, warm, pleasing to the eye. Matte lampshades and lampshades with lampshades will help us in this. If you have a workplace in the country – need additional lighting.























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