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Small lobby: how to decorate, tips and 30 amazing photos ideas for inspiration

by Eva

Small lobby: how to decorate, tips and 30 amazing photos ideas for inspiration

There’s nothing like arriving home and being greeted by a small entrance hall, beautiful and full of love to give. Yes, small yes! After all, it is more than possible to maintain the functionality of a lobby in a few square meters. We’ll tell you how to do it in this post.

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What is a lobby?

Entrance hall is a reception and welcoming space on arrival at the house. This space can be either a specific environment, created solely and exclusively for this purpose, or even be an integral part of another pre-existing space such as the living room, for example.

The main function of the hall is to receive residents and visitors when arriving and leaving the house. This is where you check and put the final touches on your look before you leave and put your keys in as you enter.

What you need to have in the small lobby

Some items are indispensable in a small lobby, and no matter what type of decoration you plan to do, they need to be there. See below:

Small benche

Benches are essential for a well-organized and functional lobby. Here, you can sit down to put on or take off your shoes, in addition to having extra support when you get home with groceries and bags. This wild furniture can be made to measure to correctly serve the space and the residents.

DIY Entrance furniture from old doors


Despite being an extremely decorative item, the mirror is a great ally when leaving the house. With it, you check the look and confirm if everything is ok before leaving. Lobby mirror options abound. To start with, there are those round wall hangings that are a classic in more traditional hall models. For those who prefer something more modern, you can bet on a large mirror resting directly on the floor. You can even choose to use framed or unframed mirrors and in any shape you like. 

Hanger or wall bracket

And what to do with bags, hats, backpacks and coats that have just been taken off? Simple! Put everything on the rack. Here, creativity has no limits. There are several different models of coat racks to get inspired. Some you can even do on your own, spending little and reusing materials. Just don’t leave that element out, okay? He is a fundamental part of the characterization of an entrance hall.

Shoe rack

A shoe rack is another indispensable item in the lobby. When it comes to shoe racks, there is a universe of options, from super charming organizer boxes to baskets or small built-in cabinets next to the bench. The function of the shoe rack in the lobby is to organize the shoes and leave those most used options at hand. You don’t need to put all your shoes in there. Choose the ones you use most often, respecting the seasons. And if you are on the team that likes to leave the street outside, that is, take your shoes off as soon as you arrive, then the shoemaker also has the function of offering some options of slippers, slippers or crocs for your visitors. That way they can take off their shoes and don’t need to go barefoot.

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Where do you put your keys when you get home? Don’t worry, this dilemma is not yours alone. Luckily, there is a very simple solution called a keychain. This small utility has little hooks where you can hang not just one, but several keys. Perfect! In addition to keys, some of these accessories also bring space to place correspondence, documents and even hang bags and larger objects.

Small lobby decor: tips and ideas to get inspired

You already know what to have in the small lobby, don’t you? So now it’s time to organize all of this in a beautiful and practical decoration. See the tips.

  • Choose a style
  • Select the area of the hall
  • Bring personality to space
  • Decorate with functionality
  • Think about circulation
  • Use plants
  • Colors with effect
  • Right lighting
  • Sideboard
  • Shelves

Check out now 30 wonderful small lobby decor ideas to get inspired and do too.




























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