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Cottage house decoration – 30 ideas through amazing photos

by Eva

Cottage house decoration – 30 ideas through amazing photos

In the country, the design of the house inside, as a rule, the summer residents themselves are interested in the last turn. This is understandable, because there is a place to invest money on the site. How much do some ornamental plants cost. Everything that is superfluous in the apartment is usually simply transported to the country house.

However, if you spend a lot of time in the country, and perhaps live the whole warm season, this space deserves more. The decor of the country interior will turn your home into a really cozy place where it will be nice to spend time in between work in the beds. Budget (and more often – free) things with the help of your creativity and skill can turn into a refined decor. In this article, we have collected 30 photos of the decor of a country house for your inspiration.

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Decor ideas for a country house

Recycled textiles

Unnecessary clothes and other textiles that have taken up space in your closet for years are here! If you have basic sewing skills (even by hand, without a typewriter), you can create an interesting textile decor. The simplest and most effective example is decorative pillowcases. You can combine different fabrics, add decorative elements in the form of ruffles, fringe, pockets and other decorative materials.

You can tie rugs from pieces and bedspreads from pieces. The good news is that you can do it without looking back (will it look good?), Completely trust your taste. The design of the house inside the country will only benefit from that, and you will check whether you really like such combinations.

Natural materials

Take advantage of the closeness to nature and transfer it to the interior of a country house. These can be branches, roots, stumps, cones, leaves, flowers, etc. Of course, with creative achievements. From the branches you can make decorative “pendants” on the wall, and dried leaves and flowers can be placed between the glass and add a frame.

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Artificial flowers

If the cottage is not a place of your permanent residence in the summer, then you will not put houseplants and expensive bouquets there. But artificial flowers, which I don’t usually like to see in interiors, will be appropriate here. They can also be used to make decorative compositions, such as decorative wreaths.


Artificial flowers, of course, are an option, but they will not replace living bouquets. Leave elegant bouquets of your well-groomed garden flowers for the house (or leave them on the bushes in the garden, who cares), but for the summer, collect cute bouquets of wildflowers and herbs. The design of any house inside will flirt with new colors.

Shelves with decor

Usually in the country you can see the functional surfaces, so the decor there seems to be no place. I suggest to correct it and to allocate to it the whole shelf, and can some. Shelves can be made yourself from different boards and hung with a rope. Needlework for beginners.

If you or your loved ones on the way to mastering some needlework, there will be a place for the first works in the country. Simple embroidery, napkins, flower pots, paintings and many other areas. Future masterpieces will definitely decorate any home, but less modest specimens will fit perfectly into a simple country interior.

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Exquisite items

The country interior allows not only experiments and courage, but also irony. The modest interior with simple decor will be interesting to combine with objects from another universe: a crystal chandelier with “icicles”, elegant lampshades, chandeliers, velvet ottoman, golden bird cage and more. Of course, I do not offer to buy such items expensively, but if you have in the attic, relatives in the garage or flea markets for a very budget price will find something like any year of production, pay attention!




























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