Home DIY DIY ideas from empty cans: 30+ great ideas

DIY ideas from empty cans: 30+ great ideas

by Eva

DIY ideas from empty cans: 30+ great ideas

In every home, there are certainly used and useless objects hidden in a closet and end up being thrown into the trash. But, with a little imagination and creativity, you can easily turn these useless elements into beautiful and unique decorative details. Old cans, for example, are ideal materials for fantastic constructions and money saving. If you are curious to learn how to use them for your creative and fun projects, here is a selection of the best ideas from empty cans.

Lanterns from metal cans – 19 romantic craft ideas

There are several ways to recycle such a container. But, regardless of the selected project, we always start by preparing the box. To do this, you must first rinse the frames and remove the labels. After that, you will start an adventure of fun, creating magical decoration items.

Take as an example the construction of an original pencil case. Paper wrapping or scrapbooking, cutting towels, fabrics, lace, beads, ribbons, spray paint, tape washi tape … You can use many materials to decorate an aluminum box. Indeed, the possibilities of creations are infinite. It is also possible to use the boxes to store your bathroom accessories or jewelery.

Making a magical lantern is another easy alternative. Draw the desired shapes on a sheet of paper and place the sample on the box. Using a hammer and nails, make holes in the surface following the contour shapes. Finally, you can paint the cans with a spatter color. Place a light garland in the box and this is ready. But that’s not all you can do. You can easily turn the cans into containers ideal for plants, flowers, and herbs for the garden, lounge or balcony. Take a look at the pictures below and get inspired.

































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