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Tiered gardens and pots for small balconies and gardens

by Decorator

You have a small balcony or small garden, which has not muchspace for your flowers and plants? Well there is a solution for that and its called staged tiered gardens and pots. It needs less space and can accommodate your favorite flowers and plants, thus makes your balcony and garden nicer, and improve your mood also. You can buy some of these pots or to do it yourself. We have collect for you some ideas of them that you can see in following images, and we hope you will find ideas to make or buy the ones fits better in you space.

Images: apartmenttherapy.com | interiorsbyvale.com | squidoo.com | alibaba.com | pinterest.com

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ColleenB March 18, 2012 - 9:28 am

Enjoyed looking over the site and very impressed about the tiered garden designs and pots.
Many great ideas.
Now, where do I sign up to receive your email newsletter?

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