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Cool Diy Furniture made ​​from newspapers

by Decorator

Diy Furniture made ​​from newspapers3

Have you heard of a newspaper furniture? Probably not. David Stovell, designer of the UK, produced such an original furniture made of newspaper. Even this is not difficult, and the video at the end of the article offers guidance as do it yourself so you can produce your own furniture. If you have some old newspapers at home and do not know what to do with them, here’s a clever idea how to recycle and re-use as a conference table.

You will need:

  •      more newspapers or magazines,
  •      longer screws and cordless screwdriver,
  •      punch
  •      Transparent tape,
  •      drawstring waistband 


Diy Furniture made ​​from newspapers1

Diy Furniture made ​​from newspapers2

Diy Furniture made ​​from newspapers3

Diy Furniture made ​​from newspapers4

Diy Furniture made ​​from newspapers5

Diy Furniture made ​​from newspapers6

 Video: How to make furniture from newspapers and magazines

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