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Make an amazing DIY bowl from newspapers

by Eva

DIY crafts with newspapers is very easy and very economical. See how you can easily make a great bowl with the help of a balloon.

Materials to be used:

1 balloon
handmade glue
color gold and black


1. Inflate the balloon

2. Glue a layer of newspaper strips with adhesive on the balloon

3. Wait to dry completely and stick another layer. It will take 4 layers.

4. When it’s completely dry, pop the balloon and cut the edges smooth and straight.

5. Paint the whole white so make sure the ink does not come out of the normal color.

6. Paint the inside gold and the outer black.

7. Once dry enough, you can also use a varnish

8. Let dry and enjoy your creation

DIY bowl of newspapers1 DIY bowl of newspapers2 DIY bowl of newspapers3


Via: homemoneycy

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