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Amazing farmhouse full of traditional decor and splashes of color

by Decorator

Amazing farmhouse1

As a blank canvas is what owners must have thought when they bought the farmhouse. Art and tradition come together in the decor to create the most unique spaces. The contrast creates the original structure of the farmhouse with design furniture and splashes of color in any corner, they found a very successful way to enhance the character of a building of S XVIII. The works of art while highlighting more, as apparently is not in its usual environment.

I can not help, I have passion for stone and wood. Among this, the rehabilitation of houses with history that fascinates me and feels the good taste of its owners (an art and a gallery owner) I think this was the perfect set to captivate me is over.

Certainly more than one would not bet on decorating a farmhouse in the low Ampurdá so, but I think in diversity and in the mixture can also find balance without succumbing to what others have. I can only say that I like every one of its corners and daring to fill a house with a certain air of decadent art. A daring decoration where things are very clear.

Amazing farmhouse2

Amazing farmhouse3

Amazing farmhouse4

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Amazing farmhouse8

Amazing farmhouse9

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