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How to make a suitcase table

by Decorator

How to make a suitcase table

Old suitcases are usually places where we accumulate our stuff, but never put them in sight. Today we bring you a great idea of ​​goodhousekeeping so you can use them as elements to store your stuff and decorate your home at a time: you will learn to make a table with a suitcase. All you accurate is a bag, table legs and paint.


  •      Case (bag) with lid and hard edges
  •      Four table legs (you can get them anywhere that sells items to renovate furniture or furniture)
  •      Self Drilling screws
  •      Table chipboard
  •      screwdriver

Step by Step:

The first thing to do is get a table or agglomerate size fibrofacil inside our suitcase. This can get at any lumberyard and is really cheap and cut it right there. If our bag has rounded edges then we must also ask what you can do to fit perfectly.

Once we have gotten our base, put the cutout inside our bag and proceed to drill with wooden suitcase in from the bottom to hold it. This will not move or shift when we upload our bag upside down. This we do with self-drilling screws, one on each side.

We should note that these screws should be long enough to pass through the bag and timber. These screws must be used to set the foundation for engaging our legs. We need 4 brackets will place on every corner.

If we do not get these legs with brackets, then you can also recycle an old bank. All you have to remember is that you have to set the suitcase to the bank so that it is firm, for that I suggest you use a drill.

Then decorate to your liking, painting the legs of different color or in combination.

If your bag is badly damaged you can also add color, attach labels or pendants.

Finally, place the legs and you’re done! Ready to show off our creative table made with a suitcase that will give a vintage touch to our room.

How to make a suitcase table1

How to make a suitcase table2

How to make a suitcase table3

How to make a suitcase table4

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