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Cool DIYS: A non-trivial use of an unnecessary bike

by Eva

Cool DIY: A non-trivial use of an unnecessary bike

Often the main idea of ​​crafts and alterations under the “do it yourself” sign is the idea of ​​turning an unnecessary thing into a necessary one, or even rubbish, into a treasure. For example, you have an old bicycle, which has been gathering dust for many years somewhere in the country or in the garage. You do not use it, but for some reason, it is a pity to throw it out. Maybe this is your child’s old bike, which evokes pleasant memories … It’s not at all necessary to throw it out or keep it in jail in the garage. Make it such an original little table.

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You will need:

wooden plank
brackets for attaching the shelf to the wall
clamping connectors for attaching the board to the bike
wood screws
dowel nails
paints (optional)
At the first stage, we prepare the bike. Wash and clean it, if necessary, paint. We also decide which part of the bicycle we use for the table: whether we leave the steering wheel, seat, brakes, chain, etc.

It will be most convenient to remove the seat and steering wheel, so it’s easiest for us to fix the countertop. Therefore, we remove these parts and put dowels in their place. We adjust the dowel-nails to the size so that they are on the same level. This is necessary because the seat and steering wheel are at different heights. We attach clamping connectors to the dowels. With their help, we will mount the tabletop to the bicycle-base.

Now is the time for countertops. It can be made from any materials that are at your fingertips. You can, for example, take several boards and connect them together with brackets to get the desired size. If desired, paint boards or stain.

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In order to securely fix the countertop, we will have to attach it to the wall. To do this, take the shelf brackets and fasten them to the wall at the required height. This height should more or less correspond to the height of the bicycle because it acts as legs for the table.

Now that we have the countertop, and the brackets are attached to the wall, we connect these parts. We fix the tabletop to the brackets with the help of screws. From the outside, at this stage, it looks like an ordinary shelf or table.

But our task is an unusual shelf, and with a twist, this twist is our bike. We attach the prepared bike to the shelf, just screwing it.

Done, it remains only to decorate the table to your liking. And here are some examples of how this can be done.





Via: cpykami

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Guin Ryan March 6, 2020 - 8:24 am

Love this concept

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