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Amazing Red room ideas: see tips for decorating yours and inspiring photos

by Eva

Amazing Red room ideas: see tips for decorating yours and inspiring photos

Sophisticated, bold, pop, or, who knows, glamorous. All of these variations fit into a red room, did you know that? That’s because red has a palette of shades that embraces all of these possibilities.

The bright and vibrant red, like scarlet, for example, is the right choice for a luxurious and daring room. For those who prefer something with the face of wealth and sophistication, you can bet on a room in a shade of burgundy red.

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The timider, in turn, can bring the vibration of red in small details of the decoration. In any case, it is always possible to create a red room that fits your personality perfectly.

Do you like this idea? So keep following the post with us and we’ll give you lots of tips to make an amazing red room decoration.

Red room: sensations and feelings

It’s not talking to an ox to sleep. Colors are capable of provoking different sensations. And in the case of red, it is the enthusiasm that predominates.

Environments decorated with color are vibrant, cheerful, full of life, and capable of motivating even those suffering from depression, according to chromotherapy.

That’s nice… But when used in excess the red can cause agitation and nervousness.

Therefore, the tip is to always balance the use of color with other, milder, and more neutral tones.

How to use red in the living room decor

Red is always a protagonist, even if used in small quantities. That is, whenever you choose the color, know that it will be highlighted, regardless of the other shades that are in the environment.

But there are ways to soften or accentuate the color even more and it all depends on how you insert it into the living room decor.

For those who just want a light touch of red, the suggestion is to bet on color in smaller objects, such as pillows, pictures, lamps, vases, and other decorative pieces.

For those who are willing to go a little further, it is worth inserting color also in larger objects, such as sofa, carpet, curtain, and even some furniture, such as a rack, sideboard, and stools.

Finally, the most daring can invest without fear in a red wall for the living room.

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How to combine red room decor

But it is not enough to put red in the decoration, it is important to know how to combine it with the other colors unless you want a monochromatic decoration, which is possible, but extremely bold and impactful.

One of the best combinations (and one that doesn’t usually fail) is the decoration of the red room with neutral tones, such as white and gray.

The neutral tones drawn to the yellow palette, such as beige, ivory, and sand, should be used in decorations with tones of red more closed.

Another good bet is the combination of red with woody tones. This combination is even perfect for creating cozy environments, especially if the shade of red is that close to the palette of earthy tones.

But if your intention is to create something jaw-dropping, then don’t even think twice about combining the red room with vibrant and complementary tones.

Good options, in this case, are blue, green, purple, and yellow. However, it is always worth appealing to common sense and analyzing whether the decoration is not “screaming” too much.

Believe me, but it is possible to create a combination of red and purple, for example, in a balanced and harmonious way.

Photos of red room decor for you to be inspired

The practice and optical inspiration is much better than theory, isn’t it? Therefore, we have selected images of decorated red rooms for you to be inspired and take as a reference. Come and see:













































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