Home Decoration ideas Trendy DIY hanging photo ideas: Many creative ideas on how to make a picture wall

Trendy DIY hanging photo ideas: Many creative ideas on how to make a picture wall

by Eva

Trendy DIY hanging photo ideas: Many creative ideas on how to make a picture wall

Different wall decorations give each room a personal touch and instantly transform it into a much more cozy place. Self-designed picture walls have become a total hit on social media in recent months and can be adapted to any furnishing style. Whether Scandinavian, rustic or boho chic – there is something for everyone! But how can you hang up original photos and give your home an individual charm? To help you with the decoration, we have many cool, yet inexpensive ideas for hanging pictures for you.

Wall decoration: original DIY ideas

Before you hang up the photos, we recommend that you first think carefully about which room in your apartment you want to spice up and which wall is best suited for it. A picture wall behind the bed in the bedroom or in the living room on the sofa looks particularly pretty. With a few pictures you can also turn the staircase area into a real eye-catcher.

There is no doubt that hanging photos with rope is one of the cheapest, easiest and most beautiful ways to decorate the walls in your home. All you need is a cord, small wooden clips and of course your printed pictures.

And this is how it is done:

Knock two nails into the wall at the same height and hang the cords at both ends.
Depending on whether you want to hang the pictures symmetrically and straight, you could either hang the cord a little loosely or stretch it tight.
Now all you have to do is attach the photos to the string with the wooden clips and your self-made picture wall is ready!
The wooden clips can be decorated and decorated in a variety of ways depending on your mood – this way you can adapt the whole thing to the style of the room.

Who doesn’t love fairy lights? They are cheap, beautiful and give every room a special warmth and cosiness. String lights are a great way to show off your best memories. All you have to do is attach the string of lights to the wall and hang the photos on it with some wooden clips. Let your creativity run free and bring the light chain in various forms – from the heart to the star to your letter, everything is allowed.

Check in following images more amazing and trendy ideas on how to make a picture wall and get inspired.






















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