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Asian decorating style ideas

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The main features of the Asian decorating style is bamboo, the wooden material, nature, vivid colors and minimal decor.

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Asian style means elegance, color and brightness.

The most popular colors used in this style is gold, red, white and black.

The Asiatic style is influenced by the philosophies of the East that have to do with the flow of energy through space. In China’s Feng Shui and in Japan the concept of Zen, create a universe with rules and tips that seem strange to us, but drastically affect the aesthetics and structure of spaces.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and practice of placement and arrangement of space that the laws of nature  determine “what to put in” to achieve harmony with the environment so we can feel more relaxed and be more productive .

Zen is not philosophy or religion. Refers not only to the intellectual exercise but in aesthetic forms in activities of daily living. Is meditation technique where according to Feng Shui helps understand many things. With the disciplined practice of meditation, the person is able to achieve higher levels of spiritual development.

Furniture is usually large, painted black or red lacquer. In Chinese version often decorated with paintings of flowers or birds. Chairs, beds and tables are always low in height, a few points above the floor is lined with bamboo or natural stone.

The rooms are decorated with large vases or colorful  in combination blue-white (Ming), or as in Japan jet-black and glossy. Colourful paper lanterns, various items of Asian influence such as the Buddha and various wooden objects, large murals of mythological monsters, calligraphy Indian ink and silk fabrics with motifs of orchids, chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms complete the list of features of the Asian decorating style .

Asian Decor ideas

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