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Feng Shui for kids room

by Decorator

Decorating children’s rooms is  very difficult, as simple or easy it might seem. This is because the kids have their own needs, which we hardly understand. For this reason, often, children would even change the bed, according to their own perception, if they had the muscle.

But let’s focus on the needs of children. These are different from age to age.
Definitely need space:

  • To spread their games
  • To store their things (clothes, shoes, toys)
  • To sleep
  • To read-write-paint

Our vision for room planning  is different from  childrens one and we do not know how and in what order they would be happy.
How can we harness the energy flow of a nursery area so that the child:

  • Benefit from the positive flow and be happy in this place we prepare specifically for this
  • Have good health
  • Be able to concentrate on reading the
  • Wants to stay in their room without being seen as a prison.

 The best orientation for a child’s room is the east so the morning sun comes in and wakes up with the pleasure to go to school or to work through various activities. The bed will be good to touch the wall from one side to feel secure and confident. Also, for operational reasons, the bed pillows can be turned into a sofa. The legs should be facing inside the room and not the exit door.

If  a room shared from more than one child, the solution of the bunk  bed is very convenient. But should be given attention so as not to intersect with the bottom up, but be parallel. This ensures that the child who sleeps beneath is not “cut” away from the middle or the upper bunk. There are many cases of children who sleep in under bed tocomplain about pain or suffer fractures in the legs or knock. Also, there should be no exposed beams above the bed and passes through the body in the middle. If  there is a beam, the bed should be placed parallel and its nice to hang bells or small red pipes to neutralize the negative chi.

Kids love the colors, but when we decide to colourfulness should maintain a balance. The many colors, when there is energy in harmony, create tension and tire that will not like at home. An example of multiculturalism is that most nurseries who uncontrollably decorate the walls and spaces with colorful decorative items and more, creating this turmoil and chaos that we are not in a nursery. Well, then, would be to consult a professional decorator or therapist who will show us the right color for the site and for the child or children. Based on this we will build a paint color gamut and other objects, so that there is an analogous harmony.
Painting on the walls or adhesive wall themes performances  energy  that help the spaces that has problems and support  the rest of the house according to the principles of Feng Shui. Turtles, tigers, eagles, lions, performances from the marine realm could decorate a nursery and  enhance the energy in the home who needs help. At the same time, children come in contact with the animal kingdom and calm. Unfortunately, the modern industry of children’s film terrifies children with wild stunts, so there is great disorder in their psychology. We owe as parents, to teach that animals are friends and co-exist harmoniously on the planet with us.

Appropriate materials are natural ones, like wood furniture, cotton fabrics, dyed with natural colors, walls covered with an upholstery fabric or paper rather than plastic  and painted with ecological colors, mixed with dust quickly, to a flow of energy and clean atmosphere in the room.
Lighting should be soft and very light when reading or playing. A dimmer helps to have a similar light on every occasion. Ideally for childs to get used to sleeping in the dark because the only way the natural resting and stellar body. But a small light next to the child to be able to just turn on and off the light helps to grow up independent and only controls the brightness of the private space.

Floor, also with natural materials and wool or cotton rugs, painted with ecological colors. The office where they read and paint should be of washable surface,and suffer many hardships. Children are full of energy. They run, play and usually move quickly everywhere. This is an automated method of pure energy, since nothing is left standing.
Television is prohibitive in a child’s bedroom, because a significant amount of emitted electromagnetic radiation. But a small sound system to hear the children their favorite music and even educational programs or stories are extremely useful because it works, sedatives and sound as all now know  clears all negative energies.

If there is a balcony, it is advisable to put the soil and various plants which the children themselves will have to plant, take care and see them grow up with their own energy support. Also, because the contact with the earth is important, a large wooden bed on the balcony filled with sea sand will make them happy and the energy of contact with the earth will help to work many hours of fun.
The intuition is highly developed children. And I believe that we should have a say in choosing and decorating their room with simple questions, if they are in age, tell us what they like most.
The room must have a lot of storage space, so that they can themselves easily keep toys and books.

A nursery is full of energy and bright itself, simply because of the presence of children. Simple forms and simplicity are the key elements they would like their children to enable the spirit to stand there and deal with safety and security of many stimuli of the outside world.

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