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Unusual Fairy Tale Furnitures for any room

by Decorator

Unusual fairy Tale Furnitures

If the term “composition” come to your mind as manufactured and consequently ordinary furniture, the current article I hope will give you a different picture, different and unusual …Thomaswold.com and designer Tomas focused on different and innovative furniture design given a more artistic look … These unusual handmade compositions often resemble sculptures, but this does not make them less accessible, and it can be placed in any room including as kids room, living room, even office.

Taking inspiration from the above constructions  you can also build  unique compositions made ​​of disparate furniture or recycled furniture pieces for unique furniture with personality.

Unusual fairy Tale Furnitures6

Unusual fairy Tale Furnitures1

Unusual fairy Tale Furnitures2

Unusual fairy Tale Furnitures3

Unusual fairy Tale Furnitures4

Unusual fairy Tale Furnitures5


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