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Garden: Climbing plants and their contribution to our outer space

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Climbing plants and outdoors16The solutions that can give climbing plants are numerous and their benefits even more, as it not only covers imperfections in a garden or a terrace, but add their own color ιn space.

With climbing plants can not hide a wall, our old railing or any other part of our external site did not satisfy us. These plants supply both oxygen, aroma, color and show our residence more refreshed, cooler and natural. This way we can create a roof or cover a pergola and below it to create a relaxing corner. Their care differs in each species, but generally needs good pruning.
In the market there is a great variety of climbing plants. The most common and beloved species are bougainvillea, roses, jasmine and ivy. Let’s see in detail the characteristics of each.
The rose is considered the king of plants and is the favorite flower of women. It has a great variety of colors, most flavored and almost all thorns on the stems. Grown in any soil, they need sun and multiply by vaccination. When young, planted at a distance of 30-40 cm, while the larger 2.3 meters depending on size.

One of the most common plants to cover exterior walls are ivy, which is green and highly durable, it does not take much care. It grows quickly and becomes more beautiful when it’s hot.
Bougainvillea can be used in the garden or on the terrace and woven around a wooden structure, a wall or wires making unique space. The flowers can be pink, red, purple, white, orange and last for a long time. To make it grow as much as possible, just prune the vegetation of the previous year every March and tie the new vegetation. Bougainvillea is grown in pots.
Jasmine is famous for its wonderful fragrance and can cover entire walls because climbs with ease. The flowers are white and are highly resistant to all temperatures. Does not require excessive care. The new vegetation may climb alone, while the old wants binding and can reach 3-4 meters.

Climbing plants and outdoors

Climbing plants and outdoors1

Climbing plants and outdoors2

Climbing plants and outdoors3

Climbing plants and outdoors4

Climbing plants and outdoors5

Climbing plants and outdoors6

Climbing plants and outdoors7

Climbing plants and outdoors8

Climbing plants and outdoors9

Climbing plants and outdoors10

Climbing plants and outdoors11

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Climbing plants and outdoors14

Climbing plants and outdoors15

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