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An apartment just 8tm in Paris

by Decorator

An apartment just 8tm. in Paris1

The architectural firm Kitoko undertook to transform into a fully equipped apartment of an old Parisian room service. The worth mentioning is the fact that the area which took occupies just 8 square meters.

And there‘s really nothing missing as well as a fairytale backdrop, you open a sheet wardrobe and displayed throughout the room. Includes a bedroom and library to really impress the imaginative architectural approach.

The spaciousness and the concept of free space obviously lacks but housing rents to several square meters in major European cities are actually inaccessible. So is becoming fashion ergonomic reconstruction of small spaces, especially in basements, laundry rooms was formerly, service rooms or janitor.

An apartment just 8tm. in Paris2

An apartment just 8tm. in Paris3

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