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Amazing mandala garden designs for inspiration

by Eva

Amazing mandala garden designs for inspiration

Do you know the mandalas, these geometric diagrams filled with symbols? These are ideal forms for making permaculture gardens. The mandala garden is inspired by Buddhist mandalas. Associated with permaculture, it brings a fruitful osmosis. Contrary to what one might imagine, the mandala garden is accessible to novice gardeners. It’s even a way to easily build a vegetable garden.

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The main characteristic of a mandala garden is its shape. The circle is the basis of the layout. A mandala can be made on different scales: large or small, regardless of the diameter. The only constraints are the circular shape, but also the orientation. Indeed, the Mandala garden is inspired by the Indo-Tibetan tradition, it is indexed on the 4 cardinal points and thus linked to the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. These lines represent the symbols common to all of humanity. This drawing of the mandala traces functional aisles to connect all these flowerbeds so that you can walk, walk and work easily.

In a mandala garden, the soil is very important, and this is where permaculture is of great interest. In this very pragmatic way of farming, flat beds are often alternated with mound crops. The interest of mound cultivation is to introduce a third dimension, thus making it possible to plant greater diversity on the same surface and thus increase productivity. The mounds also aerate the soil. The ground being in a position perpendicular to the solar radiation, this also allows the ground to warm up faster. Obviously, the soil is never left bare and good combinations of plants are also two fundamental principles allowing abundant harvests, without exhausting the soil.

The mandalas gardens are all unique, limited only to the imagination of its creator. To create a mandala garden, you have to think about it and then draw it. Here is a selection of the most beautiful Mandala gardens in Permaculture around the world.




















Images via: Pinterest

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