Home Garden Vegetable garden, raised to the rank of art. 35+ decorative gardens for inspiration

Vegetable garden, raised to the rank of art. 35+ decorative gardens for inspiration

by Eva

Vegetable garden raised to the rank of art. 35+ decorative gardens for inspiration

A vegetable garden in landscape design is perhaps a special area, which owners of country houses and houses with a land plot like so much. Nowadays, no more, no less, elevated to the rank of art. Skillful hands of workers create delightfully decorated beds, on which it is expensive to look. It is a pity to even tear greens from such a vegetable garden – it looks so harmonious. It is safe to say: the ornamental garden adorns the site with better-planted flowers or any street decor. And beauty, and benefit in one. You can fence beds by types of plants with the help of bricks, wooden boards, gravel, and many other materials to your liking. The result is definitely worth the effort spent on it: just admire these 30+ gardens of a dream.

DIY garden beds: 43 interesting ideas for country design

The garden should be not only functional but also desirable and beautiful. Garden decoration speaks for itself. In fact, it is not difficult to plant certain crops so that, during the harvest period, they form the original pattern or are simply located symmetrically on the plot. It is beautiful, aesthetic and, you see, very inspiring. In such a garden really desirable to work. Let’s see wonderful ideas with a drop of creative and elements of landscape design to be fully armed in front of our own garden.

How to plant spiral herbal gardens correctly – list with suitable plants and planting plans






































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