Home Garden Welcome spring in the yard and garden: 50 colorful flower decorations

Welcome spring in the yard and garden: 50 colorful flower decorations

by Eva

Welcome spring in the yard and garden: 50 colorful flower decorations

How do you know that the real spring has come? The sun is shining more and more often on the street and the first flowers appear. And if we cannot influence the weather in any way, then it is quite within our power to create an amazingly beautiful flowerbeds.

After a cold, dull winter, bright floral spring compositions cheer up the hosts and make guests smile. With the correct design of flower beds and flower pots and the use of original solutions, you can revive your land from early spring. A small flower garden of primroses, tulips and many other flowers will bloom in early March.

The fragrant beauty of garden beds: 35 DIY design ideas

In order for the blooming flower beds to revive the land that has just awakened from winter sleep in early spring, they begin to worry about them in the previous year. Specifically: at the end of summer and throughout the fall. By the end of July, plants of spring flower beds appear on sale: bulbous and perennials. But the housewives who “missed” this time have a chance to rehabilitate themselves at the end of winter. Then flower shops display pots with distillation flowers. They can be transplanted into large containers and installed with warming on flower beds, and if you wait until mid-May, then immediately into the open ground.

Purple and white flowerbeds: get a romantic look for the garden

Today we have idea with plants for creating a spring flower garden. A beautiful blooming flower bed is a decoration of any site, it pleases the eye, delights. Therefore, it is especially pleasant to watch how spring awakens the first plants, and they bloom under the warm rays of the spring sun. Timid and delicate flowering plants look especially charming against the background of bare trees and soil with remnants of snow. The first spring plants symbolize the awakening of nature after winter sleep, they create bright, colorful islands in your garden and win the heart with their fragility and touching simplicity.

How to make an original DIY flowerbed for tulips
















































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