Home Garden 40+ Special DIY Pots – flower boxes for your garden

40+ Special DIY Pots – flower boxes for your garden

by Eva

40+ Special DIY Pots – flower boxes for your garden

All kinds of wooden or metal containers, old tires, concrete blocks, a useless cage, the discarded boat, a stroller, the dried tree trunk, cans, an old barrel, can become a great planter for your garden.
All in all, anything that can hold a quantity of soil can be turned into a small or larger planting container, which in many cases will save you valuable space helping you to gather your plants in a few selected places and all at the same time. Its useful value will decorate gardens, courtyards or balconies in a much more special way than the classic flower pots – planters.

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Any such construction that does not touch the ground, so it is as if you have planted directly in the soil, should have holes for proper drainage of water, while wooden utensils – objects, before placing soil it is good to line them internally with a special plastic (or a thick nylon bag) to protect them as much as possible from watering.










































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