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8 colorful cities of the world

by Decorator

Buildings Color  in cities must comply with the dirty and polluting environment of modern cities. Even it is not gray, the color of cement is a color that tends to dull and colorless as to be consistent with the urban environment, and also the dull mood of anxious residents of big cities. The overall color of the cities should enforce (or even contribute to) a certain mood and lifestyle. In everyday life we can not understand that, but it becomes visible when we face a different reality.

This actually promote  8 cities on the planet (certainly not the only but the most typical) introducing brightly colored buildings and therefore the daily lives of residents. You can imagine how it affected our disposal if when we walking the streets, see facades painted in various colors and bold? If you find it hard to imagine the following pictures will help you to understand.

Manarola – Italy


Guanajuato – Mexico


Bryggen, Bergen – Norway


Wroclaw – Poland


Willemstad – Curacao


St. John’s, Newfoundland – Canada


Nyhavn Copenhagen – Denmark


La Boca – Buenos Aires


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