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36 Colorful bedroom ideas: Tips for choosing the right color

by Eva

36 Colorful bedroom ideas: Tips for choosing the right color

The bedroom is the most intimate corner of the house, and it’s where we can express our tastes and personality, and for that, there’s nothing better than investing in a color palette that can bring these particular characteristics to the environment, such as in the colorful bedroom decor that earns a happier and more relaxed air.

The color palette chosen for the colorful bedroom decor can help transform the decor of this environment and make it more modern, retro, or even with fun touches, ideal for a colorful children’s room.

So, if you want to invest in colorful bedroom decor, however, you are unsure how to harmonize the color palette in the environment or even want different ideas to bring more colors to your room, just keep following our tips below.

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How to Decorate a Colorful Room

Be it a children’s room, a single room, or even a colorful double room, there are many ways to bring colors to this environment without having to overload the decor or even leave the space with too much information.

That’s why, below, you can check out different colorful bedroom ideas that we’ve separated to help you be inspired and perfect in your bedroom decor.

Decorative frames

A discreet, but very interesting way to bring more color to the decor of your resting place is to invest in colorful frames for the bedroom.

The colored frames for the bedroom can count with diverse illustrations such as floral for a colored girl’s room, from landscapes to a colored double bedroom, or even models of colored frames for the bedroom with geometric and abstract illustrations, ideal for decorating a modern bedroom.

Pillow set

The bedroom pillows, in addition to helping to bring more color to the environment, also ensure much more comfort. Here you can invest in a colorful bedroom pillow kit where all are made in the same color palette and in totally different and colorful pillows to bring that irreverent touch to the space.

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In the market, you will find a wide variety of models of colored wallpaper for the bedroom, so when choosing this item it is important to think about the style of decoration chosen for the environment.

Colorful wallpaper for a children’s bedroom, for example, tends to have a more playful and fun print, while a colorful wallpaper for a contemporary bedroom often has a geometric pattern, while a colorful wallpaper template for a romantic bedroom can present you with delicate illustrations such as floral ones.

Geometric shapes wall

Have you thought about investing in a colorful bedroom wall with geometric paint? That’s right, the geometric wall is becoming more and more present in the decoration because, in addition to being very charming, this type of wall also brings a young and modern air to the space.

But there is an important tip to invest in colorful bedroom wall geometric painting. Here you should choose colors that will stand out in the room if you want a bigger visual impact, like a wall painted in orange, pink and red, for example, however, if you prefer something more delicate the colored bedroom wall can be painted in pastel colors. It will be beautiful.


Another really cool way to bring color to your room’s colorful decor is through furniture such as beanbags, decorative armchairs, or even a dresser.

The tip is to always opt for colored furniture that has colors that “talk” to each other, such as a candy-colors room where there is a pastel blue armchair, a pastel pink dresser, and a pastel green headboard. The idea is to bring color to the room candy colors, but softly and harmoniously so that you have a welcoming environment.

However, if the candy-colors room proposal is not your style and you really want to be bold in the colors of this environment, know that it is also possible to opt for furniture in stronger colors such as an emerald green shoe rack and a red chair that are very harmonized well.

Decorative details

If your goal is to have a colorful room, but in a very discreet way, remember that details can make a difference in the decoration of your neutral room.

In this case, the most interesting thing is to opt for a room decorated with a base in neutral colors such as white or beige and to perfect the choices of different decorative details that are colored such as potted plants, paintings, a curtain, pillows, and even the stuffed box for your desk can count as colorful elements that will bring that relaxed air you want to the room.

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Colorful Baby Room Decor

Investing in a colorful baby – kids bedroom decoration is a sure choice, as it is very interesting here to bring this playful, cheerful and lively air of children to the room of the new family member.

Pastel tones are commonly used in colorful baby room decor, this is because these colors are easy to mix without leaving the space too busy, but in addition, pastel colors for the colorful baby room also help in the relaxed feeling of the room. environment, which contributes to a calmer baby.

However, if you prefer, it is possible to use details in more vibrant colors for the colorful baby room, however, it is always important to remember to leave these colors only in particulars of the environment, such as a nursing armchair or perhaps in niches.

Colorful Double Room Decor

For the colorful double bedroom, the main idea is to bring personality to the environment, however, in an adult way. For this, you should invest in a colorful double room that has a more neutral base, such as white, beige, or gray, and pay special attention to the details.

Here, in addition to choosing to highlight a single wall using a beautiful colored wallpaper, you can also choose elements such as colorful bedroom frames, a printed trousseau, a highlighted colored armchair, or even rugs and curtains in the color palette that most appeals to the couple.































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