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Colorful Christmas ideas

by Decorator

Colorful ornaments that will enliven your mood.

Colorful Christmas ideas

Yes! Christmas are red, green, white and silver with gold. What would you say but you put a little more color and extend significantly the Christmas palette. Pink, blue, yellow and orange can make this year the colors of the festive decorations. Create the most funky Christmas atmosphere inspired the whimsical illustrations below.

  • Scandinavian décor with funky details and subtle touches of colored Christmas ornaments.
  • Hang colorful balls into a minimalist backdrop and create a funky-Xmas decor.
  • If you really like the color, then combine colorful ornaments with white as in the picture to create a strong contrast.
  • Discreet, funky touches to give colorful, Xmas mood in the dining room.
  • If your home decor is in earth tones then you can safely decorate with color this Christmas.
  • An alternative,, wooden tree with colorful ornaments,, must for the nursery.
  • Decorate your tree with colorful bows and give subtle color doses.

Colorful Christmas ideas1

Colorful Christmas ideas2

Colorful Christmas ideas3

Colorful Christmas ideas4

Colorful Christmas ideas5

Colorful Christmas ideas6

christmas decorations dining room white painted blue eclectic chairs table spindle back suspended hanging branch baubles fairy lights blackboard cowhide skin rug pub orig l etc 12/2006 p111

Colorful Christmas ideas8

Colorful Christmas ideas9

Colorful Christmas ideas10

Colorful Christmas ideas11

Colorful Christmas ideas12

Colorful Christmas ideas13

Colorful Christmas ideas14

Colorful Christmas ideas15

Colorful Christmas ideas16

Colorful Christmas ideas17

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