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Red flowers, a real oasis of passion and color in your backyard

by Eva

Red flowers, a real oasis of passion and color in your backyard

Red flowers represent love, passion, courage and transformation of your yard into a colorful living space, absolutely impressive. Bouquets and flower pots with this color most of the time, convey to the person who receives them the feelings that the donor has.

Unwanted neighbors for roses: which plants should not be planted next to the queen of the garden

Red is an intense color, full of energy, a color that can not go unnoticed. Red flowers represent the excitement, the strength, but also the unconditional love that you carry. Whether we are talking about red roses, tulips or other beautiful flowers, this color can not fail to attract attention and not look good in any decoration.

Red roses are popular in all corners of the country. Therefore, if you want to plant such roses in your yard, you need to keep in mind a few simple rules of care.
Regardless of their color, roses need a lot of light. Planting them in the yard starts early, from March and lasts until April. If you are late, you can wait until October or November to plant these beautiful flowers.

Also after planting, fertilizer is necessary. Choose nitrogen to stimulate the growth of roses and to help the plant have large, beautiful, spectacular flowers, potassium and phosphorus are also essential. In specialty stores you will find ideal fertilizers for your roses.














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