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43 Amazing wooden balcony- terrace inspirations to apply in your home

by Eva

43 Amazing wooden balcony- terrace inspirations to apply in your home

The balcony is responsible for connecting the inside of a residence, corporate space, or flat with the outside. Covered or not, some say it is the best corner of the dwelling. Now, imagine a wooden balcony, there’s nothing better! The projects of these spaces can follow any model and, the best can be decorated according to the taste of each one, without going overboard or losing harmony.

Explore all types of wood and compositions to build or design your balcony. To help you, we have selected several inspirations of rustic wood balconies, wood with elegant finishes, wood balcony with glass, and other models. Also, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of having this much-dreamed-of space in your home.

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Do it yourself, design, or decorate your own wooden balcony from these dozens of inspirations below. Whether with glass or using other materials and finishes to complement it, wood is responsible for promoting all the comfort and beauty to the look of this pleasant and lovely space.

Advantages and disadvantages of a wooden veranda

Wood could be synonymous with coziness. “Wood flooring brings thermal comfort. I really like to use it when there are children in the house because they can play on the floor. In aesthetic terms, wood is neutral and “talks” with almost all finishes”, says the architect. Despite being a beautiful material, she adds that wood is more susceptible to scratches and stains, for this reason, every care is needed. For open verandas, we recommend the use of solid wood, and for closed verandas, woods such as MDF. Learn about other advantages and disadvantages of this material:

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  • Thermal insulation: wood has a cozy aspect due to the fact that it is a material that maintains a pleasant temperature. For this reason, it is always pleasant to walk barefoot without feeling too hot or too cold.
  • Acoustic insulation: just like thermal insulation, the material prevents sounds from bouncing off the surface, which makes this outdoor space more comfortable.
  • Visual: wood – even if it is treated with sophisticated finishes – preserves its natural characteristic. “Natural wood changes its color over time. Even at the beginning of the installation, it can have differences in tone. But I consider this a quality for the environment because it makes it more natural.


  • Exposure to sun, rain, and wind: depending on the wood used, it becomes sensitive to the weather, and constant maintenance is required to reapply, for example, the varnish that provides the material with greater durability.
  • Pests: termites and other insects will be their enemies. To prevent them from damaging the wood, the use of products that repel insects is recommended, as well as checking the origin of the wood.
  • High cost: despite having an incredible result, the choice of wood flooring can be higher because of its handling.

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After following us this far going through the dozens of inspirations and then knowing the advantages and disadvantages of having a wooden balcony, I bet you are right now thinking about one of these wonderful corners relaxing and enjoying the landscape. Wood, despite having its flaws (like any other material), will provide all the warmth and comfort that this space requires to be perfect. Design and decorate a veranda with beautiful furniture, ornaments, and plants that are just like you!








































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