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23 Great Fences that your neighbors will surely envy

by Eva


Of course the neighbors will not only envy, but they will not be able to see. This time we stood more in the aesthetic piece without saying that we were omitting the purely practical.

When you have a nice garden or if you plan to build one, the fences are one of the most important things you have to take into consideration. The fence complete a good garden or balcony and of course now is the right time.

25 Unique ideas with fences for your garden


As you see each of  in following 23 fences moves between 5-6 different patterns of choice. See them and get inspired.

some great ideas are:


The wood or the reeds can be painted black. If it seems strange to you, you will be happy to know that there are black bamboos that have that exact shade. Plants are more glossy. Black is elegant, original and dramatic. That’s what you want to impress.


A beautiful bamboo fence defines the very beautiful lounge. Beautiful and dense, it offers privacy and decoration.


White washed wood is a very beautiful case for modern, minimalist and Scandinavian gardens. You can match it in the same color as the tiles to give uniformity.


A large fence of solid wood planks, where the wood has been preserved. In a luxurious shade and with very small gaps, it is a fence that will last from 10-15 years to a lifetime.
























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