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10 Home Decor Hacks That Every Homeowner Must Know

by Eva

10 Home Decor Hacks That Every Homeowner Must Know

As a homeowner, you are in a constant dilemma about what changes you want to make to your home to make it more beautiful. Be it changing the window curtains or accessorising your home with new furniture from a store like Jo and Co Home, you need to experiment with different options to find the best home decor. For example, we found our best deals at Blackwell Auctions Clearwater.

If you’ve been holding yourself back, be assured that you don’t need an interior design degree to renovate your home. Even some simple tips can be of great help. Here are 10 simple tips: 

1. Use storage pieces that can also be used as decoration pieces.


Everyone has things they need to store to keep them off the counters and the floor, but instead of buying plastic containers, consider storage that is both functional and elegant. Rope baskets, colourful bins, and even ottomans with extra storage, are all great ways to keep your home organised while also adding to the decor and overall vibe. 

2. Use wall art


Add some vivid art posters or frames to spice up your walls if they’re looking a little boring. You’ll be grateful to have some striking and warm colours inside, especially if you live somewhere where the winters are long and chilly. On a gallery wall, mix and match different prints, or display a massive piece in the room where you spend your most time.

3. Add books to your coffee table


Books are simple, elegant and very effective in helping you class up the look of any room. If you have a coffee table in the living room, add a few books, novels or magazines to it, and you’ll have your guests believing you’re a sophisticated person. 

4. New kitchen accessories


Rethink how you’ve set up your kitchen; is it feeling a little drab or even cluttered? It may be time to get yourself some attractive utensils and cookware. This might be anything from a beautiful mixer, glasses to a new spoon stand. Also, make use of your kitchen cupboards and hide everything that doesn’t need to be visible always. 

5. Add more mirrors


It’s no secret that adding mirrors to a room adds light and makes the room look much larger than it is. Consider including a few small mirrors beside the art prints or photographs if you’re planning a gallery wall. 

Alternatively, hang a pair of wall mirrors above your couch to increase the amount of light in your room. Online furniture stores like Jo and Co have a fantastic collection of designer mirrors that can instantly add a charm to any of your rooms.

6. Add natural and faux plants around the home


Nothing beats a little greenery to brighten up a room. You can get the same effect with artificial plants if you don’t have a green thumb—just don’t water them accidentally! Add a few plants around your home if you can take care of them for a boho and refreshing vibe.

7. Use more shelves


While all shelves are functional, floating shelves are one of the simplest home design ideas. They are elegant, and add to your simplistic vibe.  

You can stack your favourite books, plants or other decorative objects such as toys, trophies, signed memorabilia, etc., on them, and they will instantly make your room look much better. 

You can even get 2-3 shelves, arrange them in symmetrical patterns and stack your book collections on them to complete a sophisticated look. 

8. Create an illusion of bigger rooms


There are several ways to create the illusion of more space if you live in a tiny house. You can hang the art higher on the walls, buy a floor mirror for your bedroom or living room, or make sure your storage is in order. Using bright colours on your walls is also a great way to make your room look bigger than it actually is. 

9. Use drapes to create an illusion of height


Use basic floor-ceiling draperies to give the sense of higher ceilings. Plain white drapes can go a long way, but make sure they’re hung correctly. Drapes should begin at the ceiling and end just above the floor.

10. Try new wallpapers


You can’t go wrong with wallpaper whether you want to create an accent wall or entirely change the ambience of your house. Choose a permanent wallpaper in a classic design if you know exactly what you want. However, people who wish for more trendy options may want to start with peel-and-stick wallpapers.

A home makeover doesn’t have to be tedious. Remember to get your furniture from a good and reliable furniture store, as all you need is the right home decor guide and a little bit of creativity.

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