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Easy and inexpensive ways to make your home look more put together

by Eva

Easy and inexpensive ways to make your home look more put together

If you’re looking for some ways to make your home look more put together without breaking the bank, look no further. This guide will give you some practical but inexpensive tips on how to update your home with ease. 

Update cabinet doors 

You’d be surprised at how doing something as simple as updating your cabinet doors can have such an impact on the overall look of your home. It’s become popular to use glass film or fluting to transform a plain cabinet into a more modern piece of storage. Not only will this give you a unique and aesthetic piece of furniture to be proud of, but the glass film will also help to prevent scratches and chips which is always a win! 

Add lots of greenery 

Whether you’re renowned for your thriving plants, or only have to get within 6ft of them to kill them, plants give life to any kind of room. There are tonnes of fake plants available that look pretty realistic if you’re not a fan of the real thing, but the greenery of any kind can do a lot towards opening up your home, making it look brighter and fresher. 

Live plants will improve the quality of your air in a way that fake plants won’t, but the aesthetic impact of either is exactly the same. Flowers are an easy and inexpensive way of adding a pop of color to a room and are simpler to care for than plants if you want some live greenery but don’t want to commit to a house plant just yet. 

Move existing furniture and décor 

You can actually refresh your home without having to buy anything new – crazy, I know! Moving your existing furniture and décor into new rooms, or just rotating them around the same room, can provide an entirely new look without splashing out. Perhaps you have an image you love and don’t want to remove it. Take that image and prop it against a large potted plant, for example, to make the most of it in an entirely new way. 

Adds shelves 

Every room can benefit from a shelf or two. They provide the opportunity to showcase pieces of art, books, trinkets, or just about anything else you can think of. You can purchase aesthetically pleasing, statement wall shelf brackets very cheaply and, with a little bit of practice, you’ll soon be a pro at setting up your own shelves. 

Why not try adding shelving to a bathroom and using it to store loo rolls or rolled-up towels? Not only is this practical but it’s also adorable! 

Make the most of storage furniture 

Anyone who’s into the interior design of any kind knows that storage is the way to go when revamping your home on a budget. Instead of storage being something to hide away, make a feature of it with modern trunks or cardboard boxes. Not only will you benefit from the extra space to store your items, but you’ll benefit from the storage systems looking great whilst doing their job.

And there you have it – just a few simple ways that you can make your home look more put together, without breaking the bank. 

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