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A Simple Guide To Choosing Between Roman Shades Or Blinds

by Eva

A Simple Guide To Choosing Between Roman Shades Or Blinds

When decorating your home, window treatments are one of the most vital choices you’ll have to make. In addition to them providing privacy and blocking light and dust, they can enhance your home’s visual appeal. This is because they’re enchanting, attractive, and stylish. They also do a wonderful job of partially blocking the sunlight and soothing the illumination of your interiors. 

For this reason, you’d want to choose window treatments that suit your needs and give you a sense of comfort and satisfaction. Roman shades and blinds are some of the most popular ones among homeowners. 

Both have pros and cons, so you’d want to choose wisely between the two depending on your specific needs. This article highlights key considerations to take when selecting either of the two.

  • Difference Between Roman Shades And Blinds

Roman shades are soft fabric window treatments. On the other hand, Roman blinds are made of slats that can be folded to open and close. They’re made from aluminum, vinyl, faux wood, wood, or metal.

  • Benefits Of Roman Shades And Blinds

Both Roman blinds and shades have unique advantages, as outlined below.

Roman Shades

  • They’re Versatile

You can use Roman shades in any of your rooms, whether the living room or bedroom. You need to select a hue that matches your interior decor.

  • You Can Effortlessly Customize Them

With Roman shades, you can select the material, size, shape, color, and style. This allows you to tally them to your preferences, lifestyle, and overall home decor.

  • They Have A Wide Range Of Designs

Roman shades come with many design options that can give your home a unique look.

  • They Minimize Fading

Many furniture and decorative materials are prone to wear, tear, and fading when exposed to extreme sunlight. Luckily, with Roman shades, you can effectively control the amount of light entering in, thus reducing fading.

Roman Blinds

  • They Create An Artistic Look

These window treatments are designed using various textures and materials that give your home an artistic look.

  • They’re Well-Tailored

Roman blinds come with unequivocal superiority that can’t be picked off the rack easily.

  • They’re Perfect For Small Windows

These blinds don’t take up much space, thus they are perfect for small ones.

  • Your Aim Of Using Them

When choosing between Roman shades or blinds, you must have a reason why you want to use them. For instance, you may want to block light or have some privacy. If controlling light is your major goal, shades will be your best go-to option. This is because they’re made of fabric materials that can be used to block light effectively. On the other hand, roman blinds have slats made of aluminum, faux wood, wood, and other substances that allow easy light penetration.

On the contrary, if you need privacy, blinds are the best. This is because you can tilt them to let in light and still cover the whole window for privacy. For shades, you can’t look outside or allow in light until you open the window coverings completely, which exposes your room. This is particularly true if your window directly faces your neighbor’s house. 

  • The Ease Of Cleaning

The ease of cleaning is another essential factor to consider when deciding between roman blinds and shades. More often than not, Roman shades are easy to clean compared to blinds. This is because shades don’t have areas that can trap and accumulate dust. Thus, you can easily vacuum and spot-clean them. 

Conversely, cleaning blinds can be challenging at times. This is because cleaning between the slats may be demanding, especially if the blinds have small spaces between the slats.

  • Durability

Durability is key when choosing any household item or decor. It contributes significantly to environmental conservation by reducing waste. Additionally, you won’t need to do frequent repairs and replacements since they aren’t prone to damage. In the long run, this will save you a great deal of money. For these reasons, you’d want to choose a window covering that’ll last for a long period.

On that account, Roman shades are more durable than blinds. This is because they’re made of long-lasting fabric materials. On the other hand, blinds are made from materials such as aluminum and vinyl, which can simply break or twist when dragged or bent.


Window treatments are essential home decor that greatly affects the general appeal and feel of your home. It’s therefore vital to choose the right kind that matches your desires, uniqueness, and lifestyle. 

Before deciding whether to choose Roman Shades or blinds, ensure you know their unique advantages and downsides.


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