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3 Hacks to Upgrade Your Home Exterior

by Eva

3 Hacks to Upgrade Your Home Exterior

Your home is where you begin and end every day. It’s the place in which you create memories, decompress, and make entirely your own. It’s your retreat. 

Making it a place you love to come home to at the end of each adventure, challenge, and success you meet out in the world should be a top priority. And it doesn’t have to be a thousands-of-dollars undertaking. 

Whether you’re personalizing your new house or freshening up your memory-filled home, these three super easy and affordable upgrades will transform the function and appearance of your home fast.

1. Make Life Easier With One-Touch Entry Smart Locks

One of the most hectic times of the day is trying to get out the door in the morning. Racing against the clock, hands and arms overloaded with your day’s necessities, and attempting to avoid spilling your morning coffee on your way out to start your day, a fingerprint-reading smart lock can very well be a game changer. 

With the touch of your finger, you can keep your belongings in tow to lock up in the morning and unlock them on your way back at the end of the day. Sometimes, the best things really are the little things. Between better peace of mind and superior convenience, smart locks are the ultimate home upgrades that will benefit your home both functionally and visually.

2. Gift Yourself an Outdoor Oasis 

No matter how much or how little space you have, devoting a special area to soak up the sunshine and a little fresh air will boost your quality of life in many ways. From a moment of mental peace to the scientifically-proven circadian-rhythm boosting power of morning sunlight, nature has the power to transform your entire life. 

Whether you have a spacious porch or a short platform entryway, make it functional by potting plants and adding a chair or two. If you have room for a weather-proof table that can double as storage, throw in a blanket to be all-weather-ready. On top of a new and revitalizing morning routine, these upgrades will boost your home’s curb appeal and create a welcoming, lived-in appearance for you to enjoy and your guests and neighbors to envy.

3. Illuminate Your Way Home

From a strategically-placed indoor chandelier that can be seen through the window to home-lining lanterns, illuminate the face of your home with lighting fixtures. The installation does double duty, effectively improving the security and safety of your home while adding character and structure-framing elements that will provide depth and visual interest to your home’s appearance at any time of the day. With so many unique styles of lights, from lanterns to bulkhead sconces, you’ll have no problem finding a style to match your home’s architecture. 

Your Home, Your Way

The beauty of beginning a home transformation is that everything is up to you. Whether it’s new styles, colors, or overall functionality, there are a million ways to make it your own with simple upgrades. No matter whether you live in a bustling city apartment, hill-topping getaway, mid-century farmhouse, or modern bungalow, the opportunities to create a personalized home experience are endless. Make it your own and create a space that makes room for a life you love.

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