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Trendy Home Decor Inspiration for Maximum Functionality

by Eva

Trendy Home Decor Inspiration for Maximum Functionality

There are many items of home decor that have double purposes and can be considered both trendy and functional.

There is a tendency to think that things which you buy for their functionality, such as a coffee machine or an ironing board, cannot also be fashionable. But this is not the case at all. In fact, some of the most popular new home gadgets from recent years have been those with maximum functionality. For example, The Instant Pot has become hugely popular in recent years because it can cook food quickly using less energy than other methods of cooking, but it also looks sleek and stylish on your kitchen countertop. Similarly, there are now plenty of textile brands such as MagicLinen that make household items such as linen curtains, bed sheets, tablecloth and other stuff which are both durable and easy to maintain or care for.

You can see from the above examples that this trend is moving towards maximum functionality, which means it does not necessarily need to be a piece of technology or something expensive or complicated. In fact here are some home decor items which double as trendy and functional:

Shoe Organizer

This is great if you love to be organized, as it makes perfect use of otherwise wasted vertical space in your bedroom or closet. Shoe organizer is not limited to only store shoes. In fact, any kind of organizer can be repurpose for other stuff. In this case, you can also use it to store your basketball, or put the umbrella next to it. With the right dimension and colors, it can also give any room an instant makeover. Maximum functionality means go over your imagination to fully use the tools and items you have. 

Staircase Slide

This is a wonderful idea for parents who have children. It allows you to babysit and gives your child plenty of fun, while also having some funky pieces that can be the center of attraction in your house. It does not mean it can replace your regular stairs. It is more like an addition or exclusion for an otherwise ‘space-consuming’ children’s playground.

Folding TV Wall Mount

Another example of using vertical space rather than floor space efficiently, this device can turn any wall into a television display and gives you that sleek, floating aesthetic to your walls. 

Living Wall Planter

This is a wonderful home decor item for people who love plants and indoor gardening, as it organizes all your plants in one place while also bringing a lot of colour into the room. In fact, you might wish to use only green plants or just yellow ones if this is what you want. Just make sure to water them outside and give some time before you put them back in. Otherwise you will deal with humidity real quickly and it can sometimes get messy. Damp house can attract mold and it can really cause serious problems in both your house and your body. Try to have good ventilation to prevent mold from surfacing into your house. 

To Sum Up

So now you have plenty of inspiration to make sure both functionality and style are included in your home decor, you can have the best of both worlds.

It’s no secret, many people are looking for home decor that is both functional and stylish. The items we’ve listed in this article give you plenty of inspiration to make sure your space is trendy as well as functional. From a doghouse cover to shoe organizers, there are plenty of ways to be fashionable while also being practical! What trend have you seen the most in home decor lately? Let us know what inspires you and we’ll share it with our followers on social media so they can get some fresh ideas too!

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