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You Should Insure these 4 things as soon as you Buy Them

by Eva

You Should Insure these 4 things as soon as you Buy Them

Who does not like buying expensive things? While you save your hard-earned money to get some of the most expensive items you have been craving for, it is also important to get them insured as soon as you buy. This might be your new house, a brand new car, or even your pet. 

Remember that ensuring these items not only helps you to avoid excess expenditure but also helps you to head towards greater financial planning. Here are some of the most important things that you should get insured for. 


Getting your house insured would cover most of your items in which you have spent a lot of money. Suppose, you have planned to buy a house for years and your dream finally gets fulfilled. What if your house is on fire? Would you be able to save all your expensive belongings? Do you have sufficient resources to replace all of them again? 

In order to avoid this, you must have your house insured. House insurance generally provides you the financial coverage for any unforeseen disaster which has affected your belongings or your entire house. 

House insurances can be of several types and the amount of financial cover depends on your chosen policy and premium. You should look into the various terms and conditions of the insurance policies so that you know which insurance suits you the best! In case you own a condo, you can get it insured too. Check out lemonade condo insurance policies to find out more!

Once you have your house insured, there’s less to worry about losing all your efforts and money. 

However, you should be careful when choosing your preferred insurance policy. Make sure that they cover the exterior of your house like your beautifully set backyard or your garden so that even they are protected. This would save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets are not only expensive but they might also have potential chances of electrocution in your home. Insuring a gadget as soon as you get it is thus imperative! These gadgets might be an air-conditioner, a camera, a geyser, and much more. Getting your gadgets insured will help you in two ways. 

These insurance policies provide you with a financial backup in case of thefts where your gadget is stolen. What if your air-conditioner or microwave is stolen? In such cases, gadget insurance would come to your rescue. Under such circumstances, the depreciation value of your gadget is generally deducted and the remaining amount is paid to you. 

Secondly, such insurance policies also provide you with financial cover in case the gadgets cause electrocution or any unforeseen accident in your house. Thus, getting your expensive electronic gadgets is not only an intelligent move but a safe one too. 


Once you own a pet, they become a part of your family. Hence ensuring that they have a healthy life should be your primary concern. In case your pet meets with an accident or suffers from a terminal illness, funding its treatment can be a task for many! Getting your pet insured helps you to avoid any exorbitant expenditure on your pet’s health as these insurances provide you with adequate financial cover. 

Pet insurances can be of many types and depend on the amount of premium you pay along with the kind of policy you have chosen. While some of these pay only in times of an accident or a terminal illness, some policies might also cover the medical expenditures of your pet which include a regular visit to the vet. 


Have you saved most of your earnings to get the newest car model? The poignant sight of a car right in front of your house definitely increases its beauty. But what if your car is damaged in an accident? Would you like to spend more on replacing its windscreen after that?

Car insurance helps you to avoid such situations. Car insurance policies not only protect your vehicle but also provide a financial cover for any damage in property or injury to any individual caused by the accident. 

In conclusion

One of the keys to successful financial planning is to get the things you buy insured. This helps you to avoid the extra cost that you might have to incur in case these items are damaged, lost, or stolen. 

However, you must also make a rational decision in terms of choosing an insurance policy so that you are able to receive maximum benefits out of it. 

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