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7 Things to Remember When Buying a Home for Your Elderly Parents

by Eva

7 Things to Remember When Buying a Home for Your Elderly Parents

You never know when buying a house for your elderly parents will become something that you will have to do. Perhaps the old one was too far away to let you properly care for them? Maybe it was in such a bad condition that renovating it seemed like a waste of time? Regardless of the reason, the fact of the matter is that buying a house for your older parents will not be as simple as you might want it to be.

First, you will have to make sure that both your parents and their new house are properly insured. Other than that, you might want to pick a house located near places like shops or clinics. In addition, you should purchase a place that can easily be adapted to the needs of older people. 

Finally, ensure that the walls are heavily insulated and, if the house has multiple floors, you should check whether it is equipped with a lift. If you want to learn more, read on! Below, you will find a list of things that you definitely need to pay attention to when purchasing a home for your older parents.


For starters, you should check whether the house you are thinking of buying is insured or, if it is not insured, look for proper insurance coverage. Otherwise, if the house gets damaged, your loved ones might not be able to pay for the necessary repairs, which can end up obliterating your parents’ budget and savings.

Next, ensure that your parents are properly insured. You should be able to find an affordable over 50 life insurance cover in no time. With such a cover, your parents’ medical expenses will be at least partially covered if they ever happen to need them. 


The fact that you are buying a home for your elderly parents is reason enough to choose a property located in an area that is close to places like hospitals, shops, and churches. With such a property, you will not have to worry about them not being able to run basic errands or have a healthy social life, which is incredibly important for their mental health. Moreover, with the ability to leave their house without any problems, your parents will not end up feeling trapped in one place and cannot keep up with the times.


When looking for a property to buy, pay attention to its insulation. Buying a well-insulated house has two main benefits. First of all, it will make your parents feel more comfortable and secure and can help lower their heating and cooling costs. Second of all, the insulation will help to block off any sounds made by your parent’s neighbors, which can be a blessing if the person living next door is a techno enthusiast who has no regard for anything but his own musical taste.


Many older people have trouble climbing stairs. Due to that fact, buying a home that does not have an elevator could end up making your loved ones’ lives unnecessarily harder. Because of that, it is important that you purchase a home with an elevator. It is particularly important if you are planning on buying an apartment in a block of flats or a house with multiple floors. It is guaranteed to make your parents’ lives much easier!


Of course, you will also have to take the price of the property into account. Look for a home that is affordable. To do that, you will need to compare the prices of different properties before making your final decision. 

In general, It is important to remember that, although you might be able to find a cheap house, it might not always be the best option. To give an example, cheap property in a state of disrepair will likely end up costing you more in the long run than a slightly more expensive but better-quality home.

Floor Plan

You should also check the floor plan of any property you are interested in. Once again, the goal is to make your parents’ lives as comfortable as possible, and a well-thought-out floor plan can do wonders in that regard. For instance, if your parents are no longer able to climb stairs, it would be beneficial to buy a home with all the rooms located on the same level. Alternatively, if one of your parents has to use a wheelchair, it would be wise to look for a property with wide corridors and doorways.


Last but not least, you should pay attention to your chosen property’s adaptability. It is important in several ways. First, it will make it possible for you to adjust the house to your parents’ changing needs and make it easier for them to stay in that house for as long as possible. For example, if they no longer have the strength to climb into the bathtub, being able to quickly install a few handrails here and there will be of great benefit. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when purchasing a home for your elderly parents, including insurance, location, and adaptability. The fact that your parents are going to be the ones living in that house is reason enough to make sure that it is as safe and convenient as possible. 

While making such a huge investment ahead of time might seem excessive, it is completely reasonable. You never know when this may become a necessity, so you should prepare yourself for it in advance when you still have enough time to iron out any potential problems. So, get to work and ensure that your parents’ lives will remain safe and comfortable today!

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