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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your House

by Eva

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your House

If you are selling your house for the first time, mistakes are bound to happen. More than that, you are more likely to be overwhelmed by the process. HomeFront can help save you from the headache by buying your house from you for cash. However, if you choose to go the traditional route, you need to avoid these 10 mistakes.

  1. Getting clingy

It’s easy to get emotional over having to sell your house, especially your first one. However, it’s not impossible and in fact, even necessary to distance yourself from the situation and think like a businessperson. More than anything, think back to your buyer days, understand that your buyers will be in the same state, and present your house accordingly.

  1. Not hiring an agent

Although getting an agent is not entirely necessary, they can help you sell your house with little to no difficulty. If you are selling for the first time, it is recommended that you hire an agent. Don’t make the mistake of skimping on this.

  1. Pricing too high

Pricing a house requires a strategy. How you price the house can make or break your property’s sale. With well-informed buyers like today, overpricing a house is a mistake that can cost you offers. Do yourself a favor, and get your house appraised first.

  1. Expecting the asking price

Go into selling your house expecting one thing—there will be negotiations. No smart buyer would let an opportunity to negotiate and reduce the price go to waste. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of expecting the asking price. 

  1. Listing in the winter

Believe it or not, there are really good and really bad times to sell your house, and it’s not about the market situation. The winter months are not the ideal time for selling properties as most people are busy with social engagements.

  1. Skimping on the photos

Skimping on photos is a strict no-no. In a competitive real estate market, your house will not get the attention it deserves if you don’t show it off with enough pictures. Even the buyers would want to see more photos before making the call. 

  1. Skipping insurance and prep work

Having homeowner’s insurance and preparing your house for sale is necessary. Both of these protect you from monetary loss in the future—one by protecting you from claims and the other by increasing the value of the house.

  1. Hiding major issues

Hiding major issues like a roof leak or pest infestation may seem like a good way to sell your house faster. However, all you’ll end up doing is create distrust and ruin your chances of selling the house. The buyer is most likely to know these issues through the inspection.

  1. Not accommodating buyers

Meeting the buyer’s demands may seem like an annoyance and bother. However, not doing that in a reasonable capacity can turn off buyers. The result? You will face delays in making the sale happen. This applies to not just open houses but also to inspections. 

  1. Choosing the wrong buyer

Finally, is your buyer trustworthy? Many buyers sign the contract and fail to pay for the transaction, leaving you in a fix. Alternatively, they can delay the process because they didn’t have pre-approval. Be sure to vet your buyers first. 


Selling a house can become overwhelming. With all the expenses and steps involved, it is easy to be confused about what to do and what not to. However, when you know the mistakes you need to avoid, you can significantly ease the whole process and the stress you experience while at it.

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