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Windows Cleaning with newspaper. Why is it so effective?

by Decorator

Windows Cleaning with newspaper5

Newspapers and printed material  generally have excellent cleanliness of mosques because they leave little fluff.

Why don’t newspapers leave fluff?

The paper fibers break more difficultly, so they do not release all the fluff a napkin or a piece of kitchen paper do.

Why are newspapers  colorfast while cleaning glass?

The glass and mirror surfaces are very shiny. This means that friction is significantly reduced. So the dried ink finds no resistance to “stick” in a rough surface.
Secondly, it is all about chemistry. The molecular structure of the paper is sparse and the molecules of the paper are hydrophilic which means that when they come in contact with the water they attract and absorb it. Unlike the glass  has a very compact structure of molecules and that is the reason why it is hard and rigid. Also, its molecules are hydrophobic so they repel water, and therefore they do not absorb it.

What does this mean? Even with faded newspaper, the glass will not absorb ink to dirty, unlike the ink will be reabsorbed by the hydrophilic paper.

Enough with chemistry! The conclusion is one! Hooray newspapers! forward happy housewives!

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