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12 green cleaning tips

by Decorator

It is said that cleanliness is half the nobility . And it is so. A tidy house plays an important role in our health and our psychology. We should not forget the environment though. Trying to  awaken your ecological consciousness, we have collected some useful tips about cleaning … Ideal for those who are allergic to detergents.

The lemon and vinegar become allies, disinfect, clean, remove the bad smells and you owe them a nice clean house.

1. If you want your house to smell nice, if you want the atmosphere to offer you pleasure, you  have to cut some orange peels and bake  them in  the oven. You can also boil a few cinnamon sticks in a little water or sage (which removes the negative energy). They will disappear all the bad smells and the space will revitalize your psychology. Plus with minimal cost.

2. If you cook fish or egg and the smell remains at the dishes or glasses use vinegar or lemon juice to remove any offensive smell …

3. Did you forget food in the refrigerator for long  and it smells bad? Do not worry because there is a solution! You just have to drink a cup of tea and then put the tea bag over a saucer and place it in the refrigerator. You will see that it will remove any bad smell …

4. If you have noticed that the kettle and saucepans have turned white because of  salt, put in a little vinegar with water and leave it  for a few minutes to boil. If the smell of the vinegar bothers you, after that  boil  plain water twice and the smell will disappear !

5. If you notice salt in the tap or the  sink, then rub them with a slice of lemon  and you will see that it will be removed. The lemon also offers unique smell in the house!

6. To clean the cooker surfaces dissolve  10 drops of bergamot or 5 drops of tea tree in some water and for the bathroom surfaces dissolve 10-15 drops of cedar, lemon and juniper. They will be perfectly cleared …

7. If your vacuum cleaner smells bad every time you use it, put in its bag of a small  bottle with powdered vanilla. The whole house will smell as if you are baking cakes!

8. If you can not stand the smell of detergents you use essential oils to clean the house. For example, put in water 10 to 15 drops of essential oils that smell like lemon , lavender or cedar and clean the floor.It will  not only sparkles but it will smell and amazing!

9. If the ashtrays in the house smell  like cigarettes, throw in some vanilla powder to remove the bad smell.

10. You want your wardrobes and drawers to smell wonderful? Then instead of buying ready-scented sachets you can prepare your own linen bags and put in dried mint, lavender or mint. Bring nature to your wardrobe … In this way,you  protect your clothes.

11.Have your  white socks lost their luster? All you have to do is to put them  in hot water with lemon pieces and boil them!

12. Finally, if your trainers smell awful, throw in a little baking soda to remove the unwanted smell …

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