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Useful everyday uses of chalk that you may didn’t know

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Useful everyday uses of chalk5

uses of chalk

Chalk is a material that captures moisture very effectively. Some of its uses in our daily lives, that many people don’t know, are the following:

Remove grease stains from shirts or other clothing. Rub white chalk over the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. The chalk will absorb the excess grease. Wipe off the chalk as possible and wash the cloth normally.
Clean grease stains easily from the inside collars on shirts. Rub enough chalk on the inner periphery of the collar and leave for 10 minutes. Wash in the washing machine properly after remove unnecessary chalk.
Remove stains from suede shoes. Sprinkle chalk to the stain and leave overnight. Brush and remove the chalk which will remove much of the stain.
Moisture and smell in bucket with unwashed clothes. Put some chalk in a bag to the bottom of the bucket. The chalk will absorb the moisture gradually from the bucket, and also smells pooping from any wet clothing.

Rusty and muddy silverware and jewelry. Place a chalk on caskets or even in the cutlery drawer. The moisture of the mists and causes oxidation (rusting) in silverware and jewelry.
Quick Fixes to scuff marks on the walls. Scratches and small holes can disappear in a jiffy if you rub the spot with chalk.
Screw that slides on top screwdriver. Rub some chalk on the top of the screwdriver. Will help to avoid screw sliding during insertion.
Get rid of ants naturally. Draw lines with chalk on the walls or floor. Ants hate chalk and stay away from her!
Crashes and intercepts the key in the lock. Rub key noses with chalk. That will help the key to glide smoothly inside the lock.
Nail Care. Rub chalk on the nail file, and file your nails down the edges. The chalk will remove dirt and will give extra whiteness and freshness on your nails!

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