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Decorate a wall with newspaper

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Decorate a wall with newspaper4

When we think of decorating our home, always, the first thing we think is  the walls.  Painted or papered?? Straight? Pattern flowers …?
Well, your range of questions, what do you think to add one more? What if the drench with newspapers?
No doubt this is something shocking, and perhaps some ornate, so I advise you to use only one wall to the role you would want to give, without abusing accessories like paintings and photographs.

Decorate a wall with newspaper

To give a sense of order, you can do as in the picture above. Actually treated leaves printed newspapers on a white paper and following the same line. Each of the sheets are perfectly aligned and appreciate that all margins are completely equal.

If instead you want to give it a more vintage feel, take periodic sheets, book pages, etc..
In this case it is important that sheets are old editions, which have a very strong yellow color, they are placed without any apparent order. Covering the entire surface of the wall, we can overlay one another.

Accompany some old items and got a great result.

A hall seems a space that can look good with a wallpapered with this technique.
In this case we observe sheets of different sizes, placed with “certain order”. Trying not to overlap each other, but using different sheet sizes.
Another thing to consider is the color of the leaf. While it is not the target of the first photo, is not so marked yellow previous space. A middle ground, giving it a very contemporary touch to this hall.

Decorate a wall with newspaper1

In this technique, I think the best solution may be diluted glue with carpenter glue with a little water.
For endurance time it should be given a coat of varnish to finish.

And of course, what to say that the wall should be completely smooth.

We end today’s topic with some more pictures that I hope you inspire.
Would you dare to do some wallpapering your house?
I’m not entirely sure, though I admit that the result is original and fun.

Decorate a wall with newspaper3

Decorate a wall with newspaper2

Source:  nosdecoramosblog

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