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Wikkelhouse: The innovative home made of cardboard

by Eva

Wikkelhouse is a modular and ecological home made of 90% cardboard.

Its creation is an inspiration from the Dutch designers and engineers of the Fiction Factory. This house consists of several parts that can be assembled with each other, enabling the building of a home according to the needs of the buyer.

Made of recycled cardboard, these parts weigh 500kg each and offer excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation. In addition, Wikkelhouse does not need deep foundation, making it easy and fast to install – just in one day.

Protected internally and externally by wooden panels, Wikkelhouse has a life expectancy of about 100 years and its materials are 100% recyclable.

As for the cost, each part costs € 3,900, while a full cost is from € 40,000 to € 70,000.

the cardboard home1 the cardboard home2 the cardboard home3 the cardboard home4 the cardboard home5 the cardboard home6 the cardboard home7 the cardboard home8 the cardboard home9 the cardboard home10 the cardboard home11 the cardboard home12 the cardboard home13 the cardboard home14 the cardboard home15

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