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In search of the best decoration trend in 2023 to enhance your interior

by Eva

In search of the best decoration trend in 2023 to enhance your interior

As usual, at the start of the new year, we start looking for trends that will reign in the coming months. Colors, materials, styles … 2023 is full of warmth, modernity and above all character and authenticity. If you are curious to find out which are the best solutions to refresh your interior, in the following lines you can find your favorite decoration trend 2023 among the many current solutions. Let’s go…

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Enhance your home by adopting your favorite 2020 decor trend

Bright colors

Like every year, current colors dictate fashion. And the coming months will surprise us with real magic of bright, warm and saturated nuances (pink, red, yellow). However, soft hues like the neutrals of the white palette (white tinged with yellow, cream, caramel) are still popular.

Among the stars of the year, there are also greens (footwear, guacamole, emerald, verdigris, water green, etc.) and classic blue which, moreover, proves to be a perfect solution to create a pretty visual contrast or establish a more dramatic and timeless decor. The gold accents continue to enhance the decor.


2020 welcomes bright colors to enhance the modern interior with a note of good humor

Individualism and personality

In 2022, there is a less strong emphasis on trends and more oriented towards individuality. The desired result is, therefore, an interior that reflects the personality of its inhabitants, a decor subject to their tastes and interests, a certain dose of uniqueness established through objects that tell a story. DIY creations (macramé suspensions, juju hats, etc.) thus continue to reign in space.

We aim for unique decor that reflects the personality of the inhabitants
In general, when we talk about current trends, we also pay special attention to the most popular patterns. In this category, we find, as usual, the geometric prints that we still recommend you use with caution and moderation, given the fact that they are everywhere: decorative accessories, lighting, flooring or walls (tiling, carpet, wallpaper) and it’s easy to do too much. Floral patterns and tropical foliage don’t go out of fashion either.

Game with trendy patterns: geometric, floral and tropical

Predominant materials

To get closer to nature and even invite it into your home, we will always rely on natural materials such as wood and vegetable fibers (rattan, hemp, jute, bamboo, linen, etc.). However, there is no shortage of alternatives for adding a luxurious touch. Marble, for example, is a material that can be incorporated in various forms in any room to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Velvet in decoration: the most desired fabric in 2020

As for comfort, we do not forget the warm and cocooning materials that create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere. To achieve this effect, we play with different textures and patterns using cushions, carpets, throws … Indeed, velvet also finds its place among the trends of the year. This fabric mixing elegance and comfort can be incorporated in living rooms or in the intimate corner in the form of small accents (decorative accessories) or in furniture versions. Besides, we dare to use velvets in vibrant colors like pink, orange or blue.

To stay warm during the winter months, we adopt a cocooning decor through natural materials

Subtle invasion of vintage styles and chic countryside

Timeless styles such as vintage and chic countryside are mixed with contemporary accents to create an aesthetic and interesting decor. There is a return of enveloping and curved furniture. On the other hand, we are starting to appreciate more vintage pieces that carry a story unlike mass production or custom furniture.

Vintage styles and country chic are back

Minimalism revisited and Japanese decor

This year, we are making a nice transition from the Scandinavian style to a more eclectic and flamboyant, even maximalist decor. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to totally exclude minimalism from your home. Indeed, it goes easily with chic and trendy pieces. That’s why it’s enough to incorporate a few accessories with vibrant designs and colors to change the mood.

Japanese aesthetics, on the other hand, are also installed in our interiors. Thus, we draw inspiration from the Wabi-Sabi philosophy and the understanding that all things are imperfect and incomplete. To adopt this design in your home, you use rustic and natural materials. As a result, the silk texture, oriental prints, bird designs, and paper lamps are also key elements of the Japanese style.

Go from minimalism to a more eclectic but always comforting decor

Kitchen trend

As for the culinary space, it also hosts colorful accents. Upgrades in the kitchen can include brightly colored facades as well as textured credenzas and counters. The country chic style is once again on the rise. Thus, the metro tiling with a white brick effect, for example, is an excellent solution to bring a friendly note in the kitchen.


















































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