Home Decoration ideas How can we give warmth to our home?

How can we give warmth to our home?

by Eva

It is not easy. With summer already behind us and Christmas approaching threateningly, we can only find ways to feel warmth, whatever that means in our home.

70 rooms Ideas for winter – What makes the home cozy in winter?


Throws and blankets. Now is the time to reminisce of throws in all shades, to unfold soft blankets in earthy shades, to put them in baskets in the living room, or to put them on sofas and armchairs, for solo appearances or romantic suers and evening calls. And if we want, we can always add cushions, fluffy, inflatable, woolen, fur …

Burn what you have. If you do not have a fireplace at home, there is no need to worry and think when we will finally change home. With so many fragrant candles and so many new shapes, it is never too late to supply candles in different shades and to put them in places of the house that will surely create a feeling and change our mood in the moment. What if we blush? Autumn is. It does not matter to darken a bit. The flame will be there.

Stylish wood stove for cold winter nights


Invest in pajamas and robes. This is not the definition of comfort? Be home after a busy day and wrap around with a cashmere robe, jersey top, satin, silk, cunt, and walk with plentiful, full-bodied socks that do not sting you but instead hug you tenderly.

Plants are our friends. And where we complain that nobody cares about us and that we never have time for ourselves, we are constantly reading studies on how much it helps to live at home with plants that do not need any particular lighting. They can even drive off toxins. Eat autumn. Everything is green. Autumn within us can coexist with spring when it appears months later.

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Prepare for the winter with a sweet stove from Palazzetti

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