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Ants Commonly Found, and Tips to Eliminate Them

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Ants Commonly Found, and Tips to Eliminate Them

Ants are typically plant-nesting creatures seen in colonies and move around in nearby areas. Their social structure is complex, with colonies of ants living in trees and inside homes. Hence, they are also some of the most commonly found pests.

Even with their slight build a tiny head, neck, abdomen, and antennae – their bite causes much pain. Not just that, ants can also damage the elements of your house. If you don’t take proper steps toward pest control in Ridgeland MS, they can wreak havoc in your home. 

Common types of Ants

There are over 10,000 ant species recognized worldwide. Depending on the location and climatic conditions, around 1012 types of ants. They vary in color, size, and structure (winged/unwinged).

Here are some common ant types you can see.

Argentine Ants: Argentine ants nest outside but enter your home during harsh weather times. They live in massive colonies and travel on utility wires, fences, and tree branches. They are particularly attracted to moisture; so, they will most likely settle in the damp areas of the home. 

Red Fire Ants: These reddish-brown ants are quite aggressive and form troops to defend themselves. Upon being agitated, they deliver fierce stings that can lead to allergies in some people. You may need medical care, and the home electrical wires can get destroyed.

Sugar Ants: Also called Hairy Crazy Ants or Rasberry Crazy ants, sugar ants crave sweet substances. Although found in green areas, they prefer residences more. This household-invading ant community terrorizes families as it forages for food.  

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants have strong mandibles that can cut through wood. They make tunnels in furniture, doors, and any wooden item to nest there. As you can imagine, delay in terminating them can damage valuable structures. 

Little Black Ants: These small-sized, pavement-dwelling ants are dark to black. They live in the cracks of pavements, driveways, stone foundations, basements, etc. House invasion usually occurs in summer months when black ants create a nuisance. 

Ways to Eliminate Ants

When ants are outside, you can use chemicals to remove them. But if you spot one ant in the home, you will find thousands after it soon. In those times, make use of natural ant repellants to keep your indoor environment safe.

Here are some ways to get rid of ants:

  • Use Houseplants

If you love having houseplants, you can work this interest to your advantage. Native plants like Dwarf palmetto are raised indoors. It is one of the best plants that irritate ants, which means they won’t come anywhere near these plants. Put them in multiple containers in shady areas of the house.

  • Try Herbs and Oils

Tea tree oil, lavender oil, and essential oils have strong odors that are pleasant to humans. However, when ants breathe in those odors, they show aversion to them. Or, place brewed coffee grounds, camphor, basil leaves, and cornstarch on the windowsills and stop ants from entering your home. 

  • Rub Soap on Surfaces

Soap bars and detergents produce foam and lather, which are sticky to pests like ants. You can easily trap ants by rubbing soap or sprinkling powder detergents on areas accessible to them. You can also spray glass cleaning liquid on ants whenever you see them. However, make sure to wipe the surfaces clean so that you don’t have any incidents. 

  • Apply Chemical Repellents

Ordinary garden insecticides may not kill some species of ants. For example, carpenter ants do not detect sprayed artificial pesticides and can walk right through them. In such cases, use natural ant repellents like Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth, boric acid, etc. Or, try ant baits, usually tablets or powders, which are a mixture of protein, sugars, and pesticides.  

  • Pour Boiling Water

Locate the colony within your premises, and then pour boiling water into the ant hole. It instantly eliminates thousands of nasty ants, including the queens. Killing ants is not easy, but remember, this tip only works if the ants nest outside the home, not indoors.

  • Remove Food Residues

Cut off the food source in your home. Most ants in households and surrounding areas are attracted to trash cans, mulch, smaller insects, and decaying organic matter. If you ignore it, someone can get bit and show persistent health symptoms like respiratory allergies and asthma attacks. 

Final Step: Call Your Ant Exterminator

When you spot an ant trail in the home, detect their hide-out, generally under the sinks or behind the fridge. If the signs of infestation are high, call the experts in pest control in Ridgeland, MS. They will know how to handle diverse ants that are native to different regions. 

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