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Small bar or hanging balcony tables, 22 amazing variations for tiny balconies

by Eva

Small bar or hanging balcony tables, 22 amazing variations for tiny balconies

Even if it often reaches only a few square meters, the balcony can become a place of pleasure for its owners, if it is placed correctly. Investing in a suspended bar, running up or down the railing, can be a good way to overcome the main drawback, which is lack of space.

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Traditional tables are indeed very cumbersome for this type of small outdoor space, where the traffic should be as fluid as possible. A balcony bar makes it possible to free up little available space on the ground, supporting the existing railing. It takes the form of a removable shelf like a bar or coffee table to place a cup of coffee on when you wake up. or imagine yourself on a real bench where you can sit down to drink your coffee, enjoy some sweets or even have lunch. Made at home with planks or purchased at a specialty store, this little support can make all the difference. Inspiration around these bars that revolutionize the layout of the balcony and allow us to spend even more time outside.

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The small space available on the balcony should not be an obstacle to its development. And among all the space-saving solutions that reduce the constraints of small outdoor spaces, the bar seems to be gaining ground in recent years. In urban areas where there are many balconies, it allows you to install a dining room or even an office to enjoy the good weather while you work. Whether it leans on the railing with two legs, or covers it completely like a bench, this arrangement always optimizes the space. Some versions are even foldable or removable to free the passage as much as possible when needed.

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It is also possible to make an outdoor bar with just a few pieces of wood and straps, which then allow the assembly to be suspended from the railings. A personalized project, under the supervision of a professional, however remains ideal if one wishes to merge this support surface with the guardrail. Here are 22 variations to find the right bar for your small balcony.




















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