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How to Choose the Best Reclining Sectional?

by Eva

How to Choose the Best Reclining Sectional?

Choosing the right piece of furniture might be overwhelming as you need to find the balance between aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. There is demand in the market, and brands with their range of modern reclining sectional pieces cater to this demand.

According to a report, the recliner sofa market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% during the period 2018–2023. This article will take you through different features that will help you decide on the best reclining sectional suited to your requirement.  

Tips to Choose the Best Reclining Sectional

When adding a sectional to your home, consider the below factors to evaluate the feasibility of buying that furniture:

Type of Reclining Sectional

A recliner can be mainly categorized into two types: manual and power. You can shift the recliner back into a comfortable position in a manual recliner by pulling a lever. It does not use electricity or batteries. 

A power recliner, also known as an electrical recliner, is a furniture piece that has a set of electrical and mechanical parts which can be controlled with the push of a single button. Depending on the design, the recliner may use a battery, or you may have to plug in electricity for the recliner to be functional. 

 The Layout of the Reclining Sectional

 Some of the typical layout types available for sectionals are:

  • Combo Sectional
  • Classic Sectional
  • Sofa
  • Home Theater
  • Loveseat

 Here, it would be best if you considered your room design and space available. For example, if you have limited space in your living area, opting for a traditional sofa design with two recliners, one on each end might be the ideal option. 

Or, if you are trying to spruce up your den area, a home theatre layout with two recliners could provide you comfort as well as open up space for you to move around freely. 

Some brands also offer the option of designing your own layout.

Material of the Upholstery

 Fabric and leather are the two upholstery materials offered for recliners. Apart from the look, you need to consider the durability and the maintenance of the material. For example, leather is a popular choice of upholstery as the material looks luxurious, durable, and low maintenance. In addition, you can wipe away dirt and other irritants from leather owing to its smooth surface. 

On the other hand, you can vacuum fabric but will have to pay attention to the cleaning process, especially if you have furry friends at home.

The color scheme that you will find with leather would be subtle and complement the room’s overall aesthetic. For example, you can find leather recliners in different shades of white, grey, brown, black, and blue. If you want to add color to your space, you can go with fabric upholstery. 

Advanced Features

 Today, the modern reclining sectional comes equipped with a host of features that make a lounge time all the more relaxing. For example, with adjustable headrests, you can customize the same piece of furniture for optimal comfort according to the one using it. 

USB ports, power buttons, wireless remotes are all hidden under the armrests. So you can power up any device like your tablet or phone without needing to get up from the recliner.

Additional Accessories

Some recliner sets come equipped with console tables at the center for convenience. In addition, these tables can have accessories like storage space, stainless steel cup holders, USB ports, and power outlets.  

When it comes to the main sectional, you can customize the components as per your requirement. For example, instead of a standard-sized recliner, you can get an oversized chaise lounge chair at one end. 

Flexible Payment Options

A modern reclining sectional is an investment that can instantly elevate the look of your living space. They are premium pieces of furniture that blend functionality and comfort. Depending on the type, layout, and accessories, the average price of these sets would be around $5,500.

Look for brands that offer you flexible payment options. For example, you can choose to pay for the set in one go or opt for monthly payment plans.  

A modern reclining sectional is a piece that you can enjoy together with family and friends. If space constraint is a problem for you, go with a brand that will let you customize the layout for efficient space utilization. Ensure you pick upholstery that, of course, looks elegant but is also durable and low maintenance.

Explore the range of hand-crafted power recliners that come equipped with advanced features like adjustable headrests, USB ports, power outlets, and a console table for the ultimate relaxing experience.

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