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Terraced and roofed gardens – luxurious green spaces in the city

by Eva

Terraced and roofed gardens – luxurious green spaces in the city

In densely populated urban areas of cities, even having a small terrace or patio is a blessing. You can create a garden in which you will want to sit and enjoy. Surely you already have many plans on the design and style of terraced gardens, but taking into account these tips will also be useful.

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A roof garden has a very different environment than a garden at ground level. In fact, you probably want to get professional help before starting a project like this.

Terraced gardens reduce stormwater runoff and air conditioning costs, reduce your heating costs, create a great habitat for birds, butterflies, and bees, provide outdoor space for you to enjoy, beautify the built environment, improve the air quality and allow you to grow food.

First, consider the weather on a roof, which is more severe than on the ground. It is often quite windy in summer and very sunny and hot. But if the nearby buildings are high, the garden can be in the shade all day, which is too dark for many plants, or it can quickly move from deep shade to intense sunlight.

Never use regular garden soil for a rooftop garden; It is too heavy and does not hold water well or offer poor drainage. Use a lightweight artificial soil often called “soilless mix” in your containers.

Plan to build some wood meshes or lattices on the windward side of your plants to prevent them from developing a permanent tilt. The trellis can also provide some shade, especially for southern or western exposure.

Also, install automatic drip irrigation. Container plants need irrigation much more often than plants in the soil. The sun, heat, and wind will aggravate the water requirement. In the middle of summer, if not before, you will need water by hand at least once a day and in hot climates, twice a day. That schedule is almost impossible to maintain every day throughout the season, so a drip system is crucial.

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Finally, it is essential that you obtain the approval of the owner or board of the construction cooperative and the local planning commission. They probably require that their roof is examined and certified by an engineer or architect, who will stipulate the required changes in the roof surface and the weight limits for their structures, containers, and plants.

Once you obtain approval, consider hiring a qualified landscape designer who specializes in terraced and roofed gardens, especially if you have limited experience in gardening.


























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